What is Travesías?

Travesías is the best means of reaching Latin American travelers with high purchasing power.

Travesías was founded in August 2001 and its slogan from the beginning has been inspiration for travelers. A travel magazine appealing to the intelligent, cultured and traveled reader capable of recognizing a good article and keen to get to know new places.

Producing a travel magazine for experienced travelers is not an easy task. As a result, the challenge for Travesías is to always be at the cutting edge in terms of trends, customs and traditions in order to reveal to its readers the planet’s undiscovered places as well as delicious corners of well-known cities but with a completely novel approach.

For this reason we are absolutely strict about the verification of the information we provide, ensuring that it is up to date. We work with a network of writers, journalists and photographers from all over the world who keep us informed of what is happening in terms of new trends, hotels, exclusive restaurants, urban changes, shopping habits, tours, excursions and transport use. Everything we publish in Travesías has been written by those who have experienced what they describe first-hand. Only in this way can the experience they describe be trustworthy.

Today Travesías is the only Latin American travel magazine with a continental reach. With its three editions (each one with its Spanish adapted to the corresponding region) and 140,000 copies, it reaches all of Spanish-speaking America and is an essential source of reference. Praised for its clean and innovative design, for its combination of useful information, quality texts and stupendous photography, it is a publication to be consulted and collected across the region, by the most traveled and high-profile readers.

We can proudly say, that in our pages the most prestigious Latin American writers and photographers appear or aspire to appear.

Today Travesías is what it always wanted to be: an inspiring magazine. Not only for those who read it, but also for those of us who produce it.

Who reads Travesías?
Our reader is cultured, refined and curious, and can be defined by his/her interest in finding out about the best places in the world to visit. The Travesías reader enjoys reading, appreciates design and photography, and also seeks ideas for the next trip, anxious to discover new places, able to carry out some of the trips mentioned in the magazine and buy the products advertised therein.



Virtuoso links the most prestigious independent travel agencies with the best and most exclusive luxury tourism services and product suppliers in the world. Virtuoso’s multi-million dollar purchasing power allows those agencies to offer their clients a wide range of add-ons, from credit to spend aboard luxury cruise ships and category upgrades in exclusive hotels, to preferential treatment and access to places conventional tourists cannot achieve.

Travesías publishes Virtuoso International, a special supplement that appears monthly inside the magazine. Travesías and Virtuoso International are distributed monthly to clients of the exclusive group of travel agencies affiliated to Virtuoso, and reach the homes of Latin America’s most discerning travelers. For more information, visit www.virtuoso.com

Aeroméxico and Travesías maintain an alliance that brings Travesías to members of Club Premier Platino, distributes Travesías in the first-class cabin and in the Clase Premier lounges at airports. For more information, please visit www.aeromexico.com

Circulation and Distribution of Travesías
Travesías was launched in Mexico in August 2001. Thanks to its success, regional editions with specfic content were also launched for Central and South America. In February 2003 the Travesías Latin American edition appeared, which in September 2004 split into the Travesías Andean and Travesías Southern Cone editions and, making a total of three editions of the magazine.

Our alliances allow Travesías to have the greatest possible positioning as a travel and lifestyle magazine, along with the best publicity impact in Latin America, reaching at least 140,000 affluent readers/travelers in 18 countries, Miami and New York.

Three different editions of Travesías circulate in Latin America, making a total of 140,000 copies every month.


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